Aug 22, 2007

[Amber Night Interviews Mia Rose]

In case you don't play/care about World of Warcraft, Mia Rose is a porn star who was featured in the spoof-porno film 'World of Whorecraft' (get it, its a pun!) She also plays the game a lot, and wasn't ashamed about letting people in-game know who she was (her character even shared her real name) and what she did for a living.

Then she got banned after her website got linked to in public chat by someone else.

And oh, how that little drama brought all the misogynist a-hats out of their hidey holes! (Which, in gamerland, aren't that deep to begin with). Regardless of the fact that Kotaku is basically defined by that kind of crap to begin with, in almost every other site where the story was featured, people felt the desire to gleefully heap abuse, scorn, and slurs on Mia for no other reason than the fact that she's a porn star, and therefore, beneath contempt. Oh, also because she can't spell. Ironic that neither can the average gamerdude, but whatever.

Some Gems:

In response to Goblins Piss Off Porn Starlet:

"Goblin must be getting some kickback. Why else give more attention to the whore?"

From Broken Toys' post about the drama:

"Giving porn actresses respect will just make them even more stuck up bitches than they already are."

"I find it funny that some posts here suggest that a porn star is worthy of any dignity or respect."
"Why does anyone care about this nasty e-whore?"

More from the WoW Official Forums:

"Pr0n stars have no soul, so who cares."

"What server did IT play on?"

...Ain't it heartwarming? =D

You know, this is one of the many reasons I have a problem with porn. Because guys who, on the one hand, are desperately fapping to tons of the stuff, while at the same time heaping all kinds of hate and misogyny on the objects of their own lust. The women, to them, are pathetic subhuman trash to be used to get themselves off then scorned and mocked whenever the chance arises.

People may talk about the day when porn can be empowering and egalitarian for both sexes, but I really have a hard time believing it. For every case of porn where women are treated with respect as equal sexual beings, you have a hundred pieces of trash using abuse and hate to demean the women they're using as glorified blowup dolls. If Mia had been anything other than a porn actress, none of these guys would have felt justified in verbally abusing her like this for NO REASON.

ANYway, so Amber Night interviewed Mia about all this drama. Check it out.


Richie said...

I agree with you about porn. It's sad / potentially dangerous that, when young men get curious about sex, they're likely to end up being "initiated" by stuff that conflates sex with power and dominance.

(Nothing else to say because I don't play any MMORPGs)

Pai said...

Yeah, it's problematic when porn is usually the first 'sex-ed' boys get. A lot of it is all focused on what gets a guy off, and what he enjoys only. You rarely see them making the effort to care about the woman's feelings.

A lot of the stuff porn actresses act like they're getting off to, most women don't actually care about or even like all that much.