Aug 24, 2007

[Are WMDs Bind-on-Pickup?]

This is old, but still hil-freaking-arious: 
"The head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre in Canberra, Kevin Zuccato, has warned that terrorists can gain training in games such as Second Life and another game known as World of Warcraft, using weapons similar to those in the real world." 
Apparently Mr. Zuccato thinks these weapons are "similar to those in the real world." o_O
...And they claim gamers are the ones with a tenuous grasp on reality.

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Veronica said...

Ooh. And, Dungeons and Dragons will really make you a Satanist, too.

Pai said...

Two words: Magic Missile.

ZOMG terrorists are also practicing using D&D! =0