Mar 9, 2008

[The Other Side of Avatar Gender Bending]

It's interesting how, when asked why they play opposite-gender avatars, the number one reason guys say they play a female is to be able to 'stare at a cute butt for hours', while women apparently do it to avoid being sexually harassed.

Interesting, but not that surprising. =P


Cunzy11 said...

I'll often play as a female character because male characters are boring. Devoid of character.

Pai said...

I agree, most male characters are often generic and uninteresting. usually the most detail and aesthetics go into the female avatar options. For instance, all the male humanoid characters of WoW.

And then when more 'aesthetic' males models were made (Blood Elves) which I personally think are pretty hawt, they get labeled as 'gay'. Can't win either way. =P

Cris said...

Reasons I (a male person) will play a female avatar:
1. To stretch myself as a role-player. Part of role playing is trying on different personalities; it's interesting to see how well you can cast yourself across the gender line.
2. Cultural experimentation. It's intriguing to see how people treat you, and to try to figure out how much of it is gender-related.
3. Feminist inclinations. I happen to enjoy seeing women as leaders, as warriors, as heroes. It's viscerally satisfying to me.

Not among reasons:
1. To stare at a nice ass.
Any guy who says something like that is being a stupid jackass.

Pai said...

Regardless, it's sad when women feel the need to gender bend just to keep their play experience pleasant, instead of it being because they enjoy the RP/aesthetic perspective.