Jul 24, 2008

[Fat Princess]

Feministe breaks it all down here. Great discussion in the comments, as well.
"In Fat Princess it’s not an unexpected surprise, but more of a prank that the opposing forces play on each other. Each side has captured the other’s princess; in addition to fortifying, defending, and capturing territory, you can feed your captive food. Because women are helpless in the face of cake, of course, she just eats and eats. And of course, absolutely anyone who eats a lot is going to balloon up into a spherical caricature of a heavy person, right? That’s how fat people get made! And of course she’s so heavy that it takes a whole crowd of soldiers to carry her! Because that’s what fat people are like! The cartoon-logic is impeccable. It’s also very recognizable, from a long history of our culture mocking the fat, blaming fat people for their bodies, perpetuating all sorts of bullshit about fat. It’s so recognizable that it doesn’t really need to be explained to anyone who has a problem with this kind of mockery.
The most ridiculous gamer-community defenses of this game are the flimsy ones that claim that Fat Princess doesn’t really perpetuate negative stereotypes about fat people, or that it’s pro-fat because you’re trying to rescue a fat girl. I’m sorry, but it’s been obvious since it was announced at E3 that a lot of people found this game downright hilarious. Just look at the coverage from last week. And it wasn’t because of the cartoony little soldier boys and girls hacking each other up; Castle Crashers, another hotly anticipated game with a similar art style and theme, didn’t get the same “OMFG I’m laughing my ass off” reaction. The game is absurd, deliberately so, because of the inclusion of the eponymous Fat Princess."
Unfortunately, gamerdom is incapable of responding to criticism of this game in any way other than basically screaming 'STFU you fat b*tches!' over and over (While, of course, accusing the criticizers of being the hysterical angry ones). Why am I not surprised? =P


The Space Oddity said...

I noticed that you linked to my post about Fat Princess. The link seemed to imply that I sided with the pro-Fat Princess side, when in reality it's the exact opposite. I agree with Melissa about the offensive nature of the game. Just pointing that out.

Pai said...

Badly placed hyperlink, sorry. I know you're on Melissa's side. =)