Sep 27, 2010

[Keep it Classy, TeamLiquid!]

Color me completely un-shocked about this story.

Yeah, it's SUCH a mystery why many gaming communities have almost no women in them. It's SUCH a mystery as to why many female gamers still try to hide their gender in an attempt to avoid being harassed while playing online games. SUCH a mystery as to why Blizzard's attempt to force everyone into using RealID was met with such an uproar.

It couldn't possibly be because a lot of women (and gay) gamers get fed up of dealing with this kind of derogatory, irritating B.S. almost constantly while trying to have any kind of fun playing online games. Yeah, it's a real mystery as to why someone might want to make a girl-only (or GLBT) clan and be able to play and hang out once in a while with people who are like themselves; something that's a basic, normal desire and which is the 'default' situation guy gamers get to enjoy pretty much 24/7.


Eric said...

Hi, I found my way here over that hathor blog.

I was just wondering where that blind faith in hathor's articles comes from. I am of course talking about her unfortunate campaigning against

Most of what she is writing is complete fantasy up to outright lying. Unfortunately she deletes every comment that points this out to her readers.

But you may see for yourself:

By those very rough numbers which hathor is herself quoting TL is about 10x the size of that blog. In reality it's closer to 100x. Yet she is insisting on both sites being "about the same size".

Similarly her fabricated story about the "monion plant" left us at TL completely puzzled. At least most comments on her blog that she left through are similarly confused about what she was trying to tell there.

You are welcome to join TL btw. Contrary to what's being portrayed on that hathor blog we actually have happy female members visiting our site as well as being employed on our "boyz" staff.

Have a nice day,

Pai said...

I made my judgement based on the behavior and comments in the thread on the TL site, stuff that's is so pervasive in online gaming as a whole that I'm really past the point of giving the benefit of the doubt to gamers who protect and defend it. It's a systemic, industry-wide problem that I've made many posts about in the past.

Hathor's Legacy has been around a long time, and they have a fairly respected reputation among people interested in gender and social issues in the media. If they're moderating their threads, it's for a good reason. I'm fairly sure their readership really won't be convinced that what went on in that thread was anything other than completely sexist and inappropriate.

And I'm not sure what the size of her blog really has to do with sexism being treated as normal, protected speech on the TL site, tbh. Nor what the purpose would be for her to make up a 'plant', since the problems in the TL thread are so self-evident that there's really no need for anyone to 'spice it up' by making sockpuppets.

Jennifer Kesler said...

Oh, most of the comments I've been deleting had to do with size. This seems to be intensely important to them. Unfortunately, math seems not to be their strong point. If you follow the links Eric provided:

TL: 23.8K Est. Monthly US People
Hathor: 10.9K Monthly US People

23,800 is ten times 10,900 in what universe?

I don't care whose site is bigger. Like you point out, Pai, it's just a derail. But what they're claiming about the numbers from the link is the sort of blatant lie six year olds expect they will get away with. It's just gobsmacking.

Thanks for the link!