Feb 6, 2011

[I'm Disappointed, But Unsurprised]

Leigh is far more articulate about this debacle than me and her feelings mirror my own pretty much, so I'll leave it to her to sum up my feelings about this:
"I do understand it sucks a lot to be at the center of an echo chamber that seems to be saying you're a bad person because you made a joke you didn't intend as offensive. But the willful refusal to even consider "hey, we may have been wrong here, and we feel bad that some of our fans are hurt" just seems weird, and inconsistent with the smart, fun tone I've always enjoyed about PA.

People are going on Twitter to try to publicly harass and insult rape survivors over this. They're leaving harassing comments for one of the most vocal objectors in this conversation claiming she must be fat, ugly and bitter to be insulted by rape jokes. You guys. This is fucking sick.

Who tolerates this? Regardless of their own position Gabe & Tycho have an opportunity to speak up to at least encourage compassion and education within a gamer community that's so often self-absorbed, immature, entitled and outright hateful. I'm trying to understand what would make them want to pass on that.
Something I learned in writing about games is that after a point you do kind of have to feel responsible. 'I'm just doing my own thing and if you don't like it you can leave' doesn't work anymore after you've taken active steps to cultivate and lead a community."

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