Jul 13, 2012

[Gamers Against Bigotry]

 One type of comment that popped up during the recent uptick in 'sexism in gaming' debates within the gaming community was "Why are people focusing on WOMEN being harassed, when LOTS of other people get harassed too?"

Well, here you go:

"Meet Sam Killermann, a gamer on a one-man mission to make our community a more welcoming place. In late June, he launched a site called Gamers Against Bigotry, which asks visitors to sign a pledge against using hateful language and identity-based slurs in-game. A few weeks after the site’s quiet debut, Killermann is now running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funds needed to make GAB a non-profit organization."

  A worthy cause with the goal of making gaming a better place for ALL players. Everyone who believes our gaming communities can and should be better places can get behind this, I think.

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UnSubject said...

Sadly, Gamers Against Bigotry was hacked and graphically sabotaged.


Pai said...

I'm sad to say it's not shocking to me that there are people who would do this. There really is a vocal minority who seem to thrive on the status quo of sexism and bigotry being accepted as normal in gaming and don't want to give it up.

I guess it's something, at least, that those types feel threatened enough by Gamers Against Bigotry and Anita Sarkeesian's project to resort to trying to vandalize them. Ironically, at least in the case of Anita, all they did was give her more publicity and twice as much money. =P