Nov 14, 2010

[What About Jaina's Story?]

Just as a random thought I've had, since the end of WotLK:  Does anyone else find it strange that the woman who has had a history with two major characters in the Warcraft storyline (Arthas and Kael'thas) had almost ZERO plot involvement with their stories in either BC or WotLK? Jaina never got a mention, cutscene, or any closure after the death of Arthas... she's never mentioned at all, and we're never shown her feelings about the whole thing.

I could understand not really involving her in BC, since Kael'thas' crush was pretty one sided, but come on; Jaina and Arthas were pretty serious about each other before Arthas went all evil.

Its disappointing that Blizzard didn't think she was important enough to give her a role in either of the two important plotlines in the game that she had the strongest personal connections with. I think it was really a missed opportunity to flesh out one of the least developed WoW faction leaders.

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Saylah said...

Thanks for the link. I've returned the curtesy.

As for Jaina, I think it's a woman issue. If you looked at who was sitting at BlizzCon for controlling in the game lore which is essentially the storyline that quests follow, you saw men. I can't imagine either of them interjecting how a woman felt into a game. LOL Sad truth.