Nov 27, 2010

[WTF Kinect?!]

Oh my god.

I have no words.

EDIT: The poster of the video made a followup.


Chanser said...

Ahhh that makes sense, designed for gamers that suck it has "play assist". That's pretty stupid, whats even the point? To give low skilled gamers a sense of accomplishment and give them reason to buy more games? I should let my mom know she can finally beat a mario game if it comes out on Kinect :P

Anonymous said...

Second one is fake, it's two videos combined as one, someone's trying to force a meme.

Pai said...

See, the problem with 'it's a game for sucky casuals' is that Wii games (which this thing is trying to steal the demographic of) requires more input and involvement of the player.

Contrary to popular belief, casual players actually like PLAYING games, not watching a demo and pretending to.

Raegan said...

Is this the same Pai from DF?

Pai said...

Yeah. =P