Aug 16, 2012

[Is This the Coolest Housing System Ever?]

In my opinion, going by the info given in this presentation? It really sounds like it!

I keep getting more and more impressed by Rift's continued development. It's truly an example of smart, successful MMORPG management. If I ever go back to a sub-game, it'll probably be Rift. It didn't really appeal to me when it came out, but it seems like every update just makes the game better and better!


Anonymous said...

*drools* I like it. It might be what finally cures me of my EQ2 house decoration addiction and make me subscribe to Rifts.

For now though, I will try to remain a bit skeptical and wait for more details. But the stuff on that video is really, really promising!

Pai said...

The whole 'kill a boss, then put bits of him in your house as a trophy' is something I've wanted a game to do for AGES. The fact you (or your whole guild) can literally move into the dungeon he was in too is also incredibly cool. Simultaneously making customizable guild halls along with personal player housing with this system was a really smart move.

Anonymous said...

EQ2 already had some trophies but it was only for raid bosses and you could only put them in guild halls. Since I didn't raid that put them beyond my reach unless someone was kind enough to donate one for my tiny guild.

I hope Rifts will make it so it regular dungeon bosses also give trophies and that we can put it on player houses and guild halls, just being it up to the player where he puts his trophies on.

And yes, I love the idea of taking over a dungeon and turning it into a guild hall and making it all extremely customizable from the start. :)

-- Rakuno

Doone Woodtac said...

Its definitely undeniable is one of the best companies out there for MMO development. I wish Rift had been different enough from the outset for me to enjoy, though. Still, I agree this is probably one of the few MMOs out worth supporting. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out gameplay wise.

Syl said...

What Doone said :)
Rift is a very beautiful MMO and a solid top. It's what I'd be playing right now if I didn't wait for GW2, but I've always lamented the fact that it was the rather traditional formula, rifts aside.

seems everybody is coming out with the juicy housing concepts these days - and about friggin' time! Wildstar is quite mindblowing in that respect imo, but Rift certainly looks promising also.