Apr 30, 2008

[More Fluff, plz]

via The Greenskin:

There can more rewards for character development than seeing your XP bar inch its way across the screen, renown-point tally rise, and hotbar clutter up with newer, more powerful abilities. There can be more to it than jumping on a never-ending raid treadmill (grinding for gear in one dungeon so you can enter and grind the next, ad infinitum).

Yet these are traditionally the core concepts MMORPG design is based upon, and rightly so, because they are what usually keeps people coming back for more. However, there comes a point when you can give us a little more… raise our expectations

Call them what you will—cosmetic or fluffy—rewards of this nature can be just as valuable in giving players a sense of accomplishment as the more obvious rewards we’ve come to accept.

I agree 100%... as someone who loves fun, cosmetic, customization-type items (I could care less about stats, stats are boring!) more games need 'fluffy' fun ways to 'develop' your character, instead of only having the 'progression' stat treadmill as the only option.

I mean, is seeing +1 in front of your new sword's name really as cool as having instead a rare, super cool-looking mount or player title?

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