Oct 21, 2008

[Mother 3 Fan Translation!]

As a big fan of the quirky SNES game Mother 2 (EarthBound in the States), I was hugely excited at the announcement of a sequel being made on the GBA. I was equally let down when, even after a fan letter campaign, Nintendo chose not to release it in english.

But never fear! The great folks at Starmen.net have finally finished their fan-translation of the game! If you loved the original EarthBound, you'll want to check this out. =)

Oct 6, 2008

[User-Created Content and the WoW Killer]

Tipa of West Karana has made a post about my own pet topic, user-created content, and ties it into the whole 'WoW-Killer' speculation discussion. And I agree, that the greatest threat to WoW would be a game of equal quality that also allows players to customize their own experiences. The Shut Up, We're Talking podcast has a great segment on it and on the feasibility of freeform user-creation in MMOs and the future of content in the genre.